Welcome to my blog! Here you will find my art portfolio in the pages above, future art tutorials are also planned. As you can see not only am I an artist but also an archaeologist…

I am currently a second year archaeology student at the University of York, rather different to my previous interest in Art! How this came to be took quite a few years of indecisiveness and spontaneous decisions. After A-levels I originally intending to study architecture, however I moved on to do a year’s foundation art and design course in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. Afterwards I was still as indecisive as ever and university seemed very expensive for not knowing what I wanted to do…. So I continued working whilst taking commissions, mainly of portraits for family and friends.

Over the years I decided to try my hand at some Open University courses, first was ‘The Arts Past and Present’ a little bit of everything really, followed by ‘Art and its Histories’ and finally ‘Design Thinking’. I continued to take commissions and also tried my hand at a bit of graphic design, logo’s and posters etc whilst still working in the good old cooperative food store. As time progressed I applied for a few jobs in the area with no luck, including a publishing job for which I was told something like ‘you haven’t done much or been anywhere else’ which gave me the push I needed to do something different with my life. Cue the decision over Christmas 2010 to apply to university! But what should I do? Art was something I enjoyed, as well as graphic design, but would I enjoy them as much if I studied them…. Then whilst looking through universities I remembered a trip to York the previous year, an amazing city which I at once felt comfortable in. Not being one for previous travelling and being used to living in a small village, York’s size and welcoming feel appealed to me straight away, but again what should I study? Art History was an option and I applied for this also, however I also wanted to try something a little different whilst still incorporating some of my artistic abilities. I stumbled across Archaeology, admittedly something I knew nothing about, but the past of ordinary people, including the materials and artefacts they left behind, drew my attention. I could try something new with a practical side to it, I could combine this with both art and a little architecture! Plus I had always been interested in museums, displaying art and archaeology to the public with exhibition design. And so… Archaeology became my degree of choice.

Archaeology at York has been amazing so far, an incredible department, and I met some remarkable people. This was the best decision for me, yes I left it late but I am so glad I did! Also being the first in the family to attend university is an achievement. The prospects for jobs related to archaeology are not so great at the moment but I am thoroughly enjoying it, I am also able to bring a different aspect to it with my previous experience allowing me to take part in extra departmental projects. I have also continued with my artistic endeavours throughout taking part and leading workshops for the university Art Society and continuing commissions. When I started this degree I did not expect my art to come in handy but how wrong I was!  I am now combining the two to look at artistic reconstructions of archaeological sites, the subject of my dissertation for which I will write more about I due course.

Back to my blog and its creation, I have had a few art ‘portfolios’ in various places but here I can also blog about art, easily upload techniques and tutorials, plus most importantly combine this with archaeology! In the last two years I have done many things, been on various digs and helped with numerous projects but where to document this and future ramblings? Whilst still expanding on my portfolio? This is the result, what I am doing, why and how. Indeed my blog is a little thin on the ground at the moment, but I do have quite a bit to catch up on….



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